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How does a motorcycle racer become a fisherman? Fishbox story

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 : 11:49 AM

Hi my name is Magnus and I am the founder of Fishbox. There is a wee bit of a story about the company and how it started that I thought you might like to hear.


Ok so let's go back to 2006, I was 24 years old racing for Suzuki GB, having had a passion for motorbikes all my life. To get to this point in my racing career I had worked very hard, and it is not an understatement to say that I had dedicated every aspect of my life to racing to get to this point. I was signed by Suzuki GB and was racing in a support race called the GSXR-cup. I was traveling round with the world superbike paddock and you might say living the dream! That dream turned into a nightmare when I had a bad crash. In racing you became accustomed to the bruises and even broken bones now and again, but this one left me in hospital miles from home, with no end in sight for getting released. With no contract signed for the following year that was my racing career over.


Fast forward to 2009, I’m working in a bicycle shop and I meet Fiona. We are going on our first holiday together up the west coast of Scotland. After a chance trip on a small Lobster fishing boat, I thought this is the life for me! I went home and bought a small creel boat and quit my job at the bicycle shop to start fishing! I soon realised that maybe I was a bit ambitious to make this my new source of income, considering I was going out in the boat on my own and I was not from a fishing background. However, calling back on my dedication to racing, I persevered on a very steep learning curve and literally watched 1000’s of youtube videos on how to fish, splice rope, tie knots and fillet fish. What would we do without youtube?!


Magnus out on his creel boat

I was now learning how the fishing industry worked and I didn’t like some of the things that was happening. I just couldn’t understand why over 90% of the fish landed in Scotland was exported, for us to then import fish into the uk for people to eat!

With this in mind, Fiona and me would be sitting down eating something that I caught that day for our diner and every night we would say “How could everyone enjoy this quality of fish?”

Here is my confession, I had only had supermarket fish before I started fishing and I have to say, I thought I didn’t like fish! It takes a wee bit of time to get your head around it, when the fish is called the same name but the taste is so different.


So you can see where this is going, first of all I started by approaching the top restaurants in Inverness. It was only when Albert Roux, executive chef of Rocpool, told me that this was the best lobsters and fish that he has seen in a long time, that me and Fiona started brainstorming and we came up with Fishbox!


Magnus and Fiona trying fresh, hand-dived scallops 

We set up Fishbox so that we could have quality as the most important aspect of the fish. It is better to have fresh plaice rather than 5 day old lemon sole, and that is where the traditional way of selling fish falls down. Our approach allows people to try new things and reduces pressure on popular species. With the Love, Like and Dislike rating for each product you are still going to get some of your favourites in your box.


Fresh hand-dived scallops

I must say that me and the every growing Fishbox team, are having fun and are so proud in giving everyone in the UK the chance to eat fresh, sustainable Scottish seafood. We love hearing about what you have been cooking up with your Fishbox so keep the pic’s, posts and emails coming.

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