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How to Recycle Your Fishbox

Friday, May 5, 2017 : 10:15 AM

After you've polished off your fish pie and tucked into the last slice of tusk, here's all you need to know about recycling your Fishbox.

Can I drop off my box at a recycling depo?

Yes! We have two drop off points in Inverness and Glasgow.

If you live in the Inverness area, leave your finished Fishbox with our local delivery driver Adam or come to our office anytime Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm and drop us a line on 01463 567700, we'll come outside and meet you!

You can also leave your box at the Wester Ross Salmon Factory on the Queenslie Industrial Estate, Glasgow.

Sadly there are very few local authorities who provide polystyrene recycling.

Is that sustainable?

We only source sustainable seafood, and we're busy working on a solution to the the polystyrene packing conundrum. Magnus has travelled as far as MIT in America to look for one! We're currently speaking to a company about the possibility of producing completely compostable packaging.

In the meantime, polystyrene is the only packaging available that will keep your fish lovely and fresh for 48 hours. 

The concept of Fishbox is about sustainability and sourcing our fish from local coastal areas around Scotland. To prevent over-fishing we take only what is in season or caught on the day. Our aim is to eventually have recyclable packaging to continue our sustainable seafood revolution.

You can up-cycle your Fishbox!

And here at Fishbox HQ, we always love to hear how our customers are doing just that. These are a few tried and tested methods to help you start thinking outside the 'fish'box...

1. Potting

Fishboxer: Lee Collier, Dingwall "I'm using leftover fish boxes to grow the first green leaves of the season in the green house!"

(We've also heard of strawberries, herbs and cut flowers being successfully grown in Fishboxes)

2. Trading

Fishboxer: Jane MacDonald, Inverness "I swap my boxes with a lady I found on Freecycle who uses them for something horticultural. She gives me blackberries, frozen raspberries, apples and rhubarb, all from her garden, in return"

3. Keeping a spring lamb warm!

Fishboxer: Wendy Pate, East Lothian (perhaps this one's more useful for some than others...)


4. And finally, monitor stands for your home or office

Here at the Fishbox HQ, we swear by them to keep our monitors eye level! Here's our lovely admin Lucy showing her ivory gems off!


How do you recycle your Fishbox? Send us a photo to Facebook or Twitter...we love to see what you've come up with!


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