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Supporting Our Local Heroes - Fishbox & The Fishermen's Mission

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 : 3:16 PM

Fishing remains Britain’s most dangerous peacetime occupation.

This year alone, 16 fishermen have lost their lives to the sea. As the days grow colder and the weather becomes stormier, we wanted to highlight the brave work of the estimated 12,000 fishermen who work tirelessly around the clock to provide us with the dinner on our plates.

Our fisherman Hamish, sailing out of Kylesku


Being an ex-fisherman himself, Magnus has a personal connection to the Fishermen’s Mission, the essential charity which provides support to fishing communities across the country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Magnus: ‘For fishermen, the mission is their main emergency service. When things go wrong and when you feel hopeless, the fact that you have someone to phone any day and during any time, makes you feel secure. They’re like a guardian.’

Magnus on his creel boat


The Fishermen’s Mission staff are on call to provide a range of services, offering everything from emergency financial aid and emotional support to shipwreck survivors to visiting retired fishermen who are experiencing isolation. The mission strives to provide practical and pastoral assistance to those in need, opening their doors to all fishermen from home and overseas.


Fisherman portrait- provided by The Fishermen's Mission


The Fishermen’s Mission is an essential lifeline to our local heroes but it does not receive any government funding. The Mission relies solely on donations and local fundraising from the fishermen themselves. This Christmas, we wanted to raise awareness for this amazing charity and the hard-working men who support our industry and provide us with all of our favourite seafood.



Fresh Scottish Seafood Platter




We have designed our own Fishbox tartan, officially registering at the Scottish Register of Tartans. Working with Highland design house Prickly Thistle, we have created an exclusive range of hand-made tartan products using our original design. The sales from this limited-edition range will raise money for Fishermen’s Mission.

Traditionally hand-woven Fishbox tartan

High quality, traditionally woven tartan blends the story of Scottish heritage and our fishing communities.

With original one-off pieces, handmade entirely in Scotland, our luxury tartan range makes for the perfect Christmas gift.

You can feel good knowing that every piece sold is raising money to support fishermen across the country. Please be aware that there is very limited stock.


Fishbox Official Tartan Range is now on sale here.

Every limited-edition product will have an official Fishermen’s Mission label to ensure authenticity, and all of the profits go to the organisation.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about Fishbox or Fishermen's Mission, please contact We'd be happy to talk fish!

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