Georgian Salmon Shashlik

Georgian Salmon Shashlik
Fishboxer Sophie from Fishbox HQ

"The Georgian spices in this dish are really warming on a chilly day!"


Salmon fillets

1 red onion

3 cloves of garlic

1 bay leaf

A handful of parsley

¼ cup white wine vinegar

¼ cup water

Juice of ½ a lemon

Georgian Tomato Sauce:


1 tsp dried coriander

1 tsp blue fenugreek

1-2 tsp dried red chilli

1 finely chopped clove of garlic



1. For the marinade: roughly chop the red onion, garlic and parsley and combine in a sealable bowl or container with the other marinade ingredients. Add the salmon fillets, cover and pop in the fridge for up to 4 hours.

2. For the spicy tomato sauce: Score a cross in the bottom of the tomatoes and cover in a pan standing in 1 cm water. When soft, remove the skins and press the flesh through a sieve to make a passata. In a pan bring the passata to a simmer and add the spices and garlic. Cook for a further 20 minutes. Season to taste.

3. Cook the salmon on a grill or griddle pan for 5-10 minutes until golden brown on the outside and cooked through.

4. Serve with rice, roasted aubergine and Georgian tomato sauce, or mint yoghurt for a milder alternative.