Mackerel Pate with Shony Seaweed and a Seaweed Butter Seal

Mackerel Pate with Shony Seaweed and a Seaweed Butter Seal


For the pate

3 mackerel fillets (peppered or plain)

1 tbsp of natural yogurt

Juice ½ large lemon, or to taste


For the butter seal

100g of butter

3 tsp of Mara Shony seaweed


To serve:

Oat cakes or warm, crusty bread

Lemon wedges

Fresh parsley


Put all the ingredients for the pâté in a food processor and blitz until it’s of a desired consistency.


Transfer into a dish you want to serve it from. Leave a centimeter or so at the top so you can pour in the butter later.


For the seal, melt the butter in a pan (do not let it boil or burn) and add the shony.


Pour the melted butter and shony over the pâté.


Put in the fridge to cool.


Serve with warm crusty bread or oat cakes, lemon wedges and parsley.


A suggestion, if serving on oat cakes and not warm bread, leave the pâté out until the butter seal has softened.


Mara Seaweed-

"Nourish Body and Soul with Mara’s award-winning range of nutritious and delicious seaweed flakes, sustainably hand harvested from the wild, pure waters around Scotland. Mara’s award-winning shake-on seaweed offers essential everyday nutrition because it’s rich in iodine, high in fibre and full of essential minerals. Mara Seaweed also adds the ‘fifth taste,’ umami, which enhances flavour to make your food tastier. Try it as a great complement to fish."

Sourced naturally from Scottish waters, we are big fans of Mara Seaweed! 

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