Oysters - Simply Done with Lemon and Tabasco - Fishbox

Oysters - Simply Done with Lemon and Tabasco - Fishbox


Fresh, live, Fishbox Scottish Oysters

Fresh lemon wedges

Tabasco sauce

Salt and pepper


Storage information:

Your oysters are alive! They will survive in the fridge for around 4 - 5 days out of water. Don't store them in fresh tap water - they will drown! They must be alive when preparing to cook. If they are gaping and don't close when firmly tapped with a knife or on a work surface, then discard.

Shucking an oyster - this means to open the oyster!

Find an old vegetable knife with a short firm blade, or a specific oyster shucking knife if you have one.

Hold the oyster with the flat side facing toward the ceiling, and using a cloth to hold and steady the shell against the chopping board.

Insert the knife into the end of the oyster where the shells meet.

Work the knife, round the shell - watch your fingers!

Lift the top shell away and discard.

Use the knife to separate the oyster muscle from its shell, leaving the meat in the shell.

Drop in a few drops of tabasco and a squeeze of lemon - then down the hatch in one mouthful! Yum! Taste the sea of Scotland!