Seahouse Curry


Smoked haddock

Langoustines (or prawns if not available)

Smoked mussels

One large onion

Half tin of chopped tomatoes

Half tin of water

1 bay leaf

Half tsp each of:





garam masala

fenugreek, (or replace these with curry powder if preferred!)

3 garlic cloves

pinch salt and pepper

2packets of crumbled creamed coconut


Fry onion, put in slow cooker with half tin chopped tomatoes, half tin of water, bay leaf, seasoning (or replace with curry powder if preferred!)

Add garlic cloves, pinch salt and pepper and two packets of crumbled creamed coconut, stir and leave on high for 2-3 hours.

Then add one fillet smoked haddock (chopped into pieces), a few langoustines (or a small tub of prawns) and tub of smoked mussels.

Leave on high another hour till sauce thickens and haddock cooked through.