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Each item is traditionally woven in our very own bespoke tartan. Read our full story below...



We have collaborated with design house Prickly Thistle for a special tartan project, to raise much needed funds and awareness for the Fishermen’s Mission.

Being an ex-fisherman himself, Magnus has a personal connection to the Fishermen’s Mission, the charity which provides support to fishing communities across the country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have designed our own Fishbox tartan, officially registering at the Scottish Register of Tartans. Working with Prickly Thistle, we have created an exclusive range of luxury, hand-made tartan products using our original design. The sales from this limited-edition range will raise money for Fishermen’s Mission.


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The Story of our Tartan

We both saw the opportunity to create something unique, a design which reflected our local Highland heritage and traditions, while helping to protect these industries for years to come.

We believe there is a deep-rooted connection between the art of tartan weaving and the skill of fishing net making. We wanted to intertwine these aspects of Highland life in our own bespoke design.



The core colour palette for our design reflects our aquatic environment in Scotland; cold depth of the North Sea and the contrasting light warmth from the gulf stream. The yarn count represents the founding years of Coast & Glen / Fishbox, the fishing areas of Scottish waters and the Scottish ports we source from.

We wanted to create a design that not only told the story of Fishbox, but represented the many generations of Scottish fishermen who support communities across the country.

The interweaving of these traditional skills, which have remained the same for hundreds of years, reflects our commitment to quality, provenance and respect for the sea which is instilled in our heritage.

The first bolt of tartan cloth was traditionally woven in Scotland, using Scottish spun yarns by A Elliot Fine Fabrics Ltd. The importance of supporting the Scottish textile industry is mirrored as a core value of Fishbox and its sustainable sourcing from Scottish waters.

They use traditional looms which create a beautiful and athentic tartan weave.



We brought our material up to the Highland studio where we designed our product range.

Beautifully hand stitched throws, scarves, shopper bags and seafood dining kits form part of the launch collection.



Every product was then hand-made at the studio. Stitching our Fishbox and Fishermen’s Mission label onto every garment. This ensures authenticity of our original, first line tartan range.




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