Fishbox: Why Magnus is hooked on a fishy mission

Fishbox was started by accident, a motorcycle accident! Magnus Houston swapped his leathers for oilskins and started his mission to get Scotland's top quality fish to the nation in under 48 hours of being landed.


The former motorbike racer had to end his professional career with Suzuki because of a crash and, after a trip in a friend’s creel boat, decided to buy his own, catching lobster and crab off the Easter Ross coast.

But he was frustrated that much of the produce was bought up and sent to the European markets.

So in 2011, backed by the Prince's Trust, he set up Coast & Glen in Inverness, a wholesale business that supplied local restaurant and hotels with fish and seafood landed by local fishermen.

While that was successful, it soon became apparent that there was also demand from individual consumers for high-quality produce, caught locally and sustainably, and governed by the season, rather than the fish which is sold through the supertrawler-supermarket route, which may be cheaper...but tastes cheaper.

And so Fishbox was born, offering a convenient, nutritious and fun way to eat more fish and seafood.


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