Happy Fishboxers: Read what our customers have to say about Fishbox!

Our customers love their Fishboxes but who better to tell you than the Fishboxers themselves!

Emma Lowe from Inverness

The fish box really works for my daughter and I. I work late with my business and my daughter found that the salmon, trout and seabass were the easier fish for her to cook. The fish box allow you choose what suits you, likes and dislikes but for us it was choosing what my daughter could cook as a 16 yr old.  Reassuring to know that she was confident to grill or bake a fresh piece of Salmon, plus eating excellent Scottish quality food. With the other fish offered, Rick Stein always had the answer encouraging me to cook something special for the both of us. Not forgetting there is always a recipe included too!
It just work- good quality fish delivered straight to your door and for us just the right amount. We are fish lovers! and lovers of the fish box!

Nick and Kim Scroggie from Inverness

I've been a Fishboxer for well over two years and it never gets dull. I love the variety, the surprise, and all the new types of fish I've been able to try. Most of all I love how fresh and how good the fish always is!

Nicole Gay From Essex

“I received my first Fishbox yesterday and I’m delighted with it. Despite the long journey to Essex in the searing heat, it arrived beautifully fresh. I had the scallops simply pan-fried with a crème fraîche and parsley sauce, along with boiled new potatoes and French beans. Delicious...reminded me of my childhood in France.  Now looking forward to the other fish in the box.” 

Jane Thompson from Beauly

Love it - best thing I ever did! I cook the goodies for friends and they all love it too so you might get more customers. Keep up the top work! I've been a customer for about a year now if not longer and can't see why I'd stop.

Tracey Davison from Glasgow

MASSIVE THANK YOU!! My box has just arrived and it was like Christmas! ! Love it can't wait to use everything! Fantastic value and will be letting everyone know... Love the wee pic of who packed my box too.

Jane Munro From Glasgow

“I received my first Fishbox an hour ago. It was really exciting to open it up and see what was inside...all the fish looks beautiful, I’m really impressed. I love the fact that you included two recipes, one of which, the hake & chardonnay, I’m going to do tomorrow... if it tastes anything as good as it looks it will be gorgeous!”

Simon and Neen from Banffshire

Fishbox has been such a great addition to our family.  It's encouraged us to try new recipes and we now love fish. Every time we cook with our fishbox we nod and say to each other "it's just so much better than a supermarket" because it is.  The quality is amazing. We have sent a Fishbox as presents to a few people and now it's a regular thing we do for birthdays because we know it's loved and appreciated.

Alex Macpherson from Ullapool

Dad is diabetic, so it was brilliant to be able to buy him such a lovely luxurious healthy gift for Father's Day as an alternative to sweeties and the usual. He was delighted, he had a posh dinner every night over the weekend! 

Many thanks from 3 daughters and 1 grandson, for making our Dad/ Papa so happy!


Amber Raney-Kincade from London

The customer service and communication with Fishbox has been fantastic. I love the service! The idea of having fresh fish from Scotland sent to me was a dream... and you made it a reality. I don't want to buy fish from plastic containers in the store, I'd rather go to a fish counter or to the fishmonger. Many times, my schedule just doesn't allow for that -- and Fishbox brought the fish to me! It is wonderful.

Sylvia Ellis From Mansfield

“Just received our £45 box today, having upgraded to £45 this month, and the fish variety and quality look brilliant. Can’t wait to try some - we have loved all the fish we received since joining. To be honest we tried you and a fish box from Cornwall and yours is far superior fish, both in taste and in your packing and information. The Cornwall box arrived wet through, with loose fish in a polystyrene box with a few ice cubes. It was guesswork on what the fish was and it was nowhere near as good a quality as yours. Many thanks and we will definitely keep ordering from you.”

Elaine Teale from Renfrewshire

I have to say that you guys surpassed all expectations with my last delivery.  Shell on scallops, sea trout, haddock, hake and smoked salmon.  The best yet!

The only problem for me was the hubby dived in, ate 3/4s of the scallops, ALL of the sea trout but gave me share of everything else. This from a man who was a haddock and chips man.  Well done!  It's a great concept.

Debbie Browne from Falkirk

I love fishbox- best quality fish I have ever tasted - and I never used to like fish! Thanks for supplying such high quality seafood. I tell everyone about you.

Harry and Margaret Thomson from Stirlingshire

Our Fishbox arrived yesterday, everything fresh and well-packaged. 
We followed your cooking instructions and the langoustines were soon luxuriating in a tomato and marscapone sauce! Have been enjoying the fish immensely. Made a champagne sauce with the Hake for Valentine's Day - wonderfully fresh! Delicious!

Fiona and Richard from Inverness

Wow, we are so excited, the Fishbox came yesterday, packed by Matt, and was superb. The fish was truly excellent, fresh no bones and a joy to cook with and handle, ….... I feel much more confident knowing you guys are there to guide me. The whole concept from design to human and friendly touches on the literature etc is outstanding. You are all to be congratulated. Having lived and worked in Cornwall for many years I despaired of ever getting to grips with fish and now we have you, what a joy.


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