What's in a Fishbox? Fresh, sustainable seafood

Once you set up an account you can set your preferences from our full seafood range. We run these through our custom built algorithm called ADRIAN (the Aquatic Distribution Robot In A Nutshell). Adrian ensures you get all your favourites plus a great mix of products that you’ll love.

Getting the most out of your Fishbox

We want you to get the best value for your money and receive a great selection of seafood so you can try new species. Some of our products like lobster, turbot and langoustines are a bit more pricey. Therefore, if you get them in your Fishbox it will limit the other portions we can pack in your delivery.

If you do want to go for the more expensive products we recommend buying a bigger Fishbox so you get a better variety. All of our products are rated with: £, ££ or £££, to make choosing your preferences easier. Remember you can update your preferences at any time and we will always try to send you different seasonal produce in each delivery.



Setting your preferences

Here you'll find a full list of all the wonderful seafood you could possibly receive in your Fishbox. When choosing your preferences please be as adventurous as possible.This puts less strain on particular fish species.

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