Choosing a Fishbox size

It can be tricky working out which box is best for you but we’re here to help. Read how some of our existing customers use their Fishbox and try our handy box size calculator below. One thing to remember is we pack your box based on the number of people in your family, so there is always a portion for everyone. Fishbox is flexible so you change your box size whenever you want. A bigger box will give more variety and better value per portion. 

Try our box size calculator

Tell us the number of people you'll be feeding with your Fishbox so we know how many portions of each product to pack in your box.You can different combinations of box size and frequency to work out what's right for you and your family.

Select number of adults

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How much do you like to eat seafood?

We suggest you subscribe to a Small box box every 2 weeks. That's about 2 meals for 1 adult and 2 children

* Why is it only about? We'll always fill your box to it's full value with seafood you've told us you'd like or love but the number of portions you get depends on the value of the seafood. Each of our products are graded either £,££ or £££ to help you select your preferences.*


Meet some of our Fishboxers

We asked some of our fantastic customers to share how their Fishbox delivery works for them! Who better to tell you than the Fishboxers themselves!

Standard Box

Bob & Tricia Hanna

‘We have found the box to be delivered in excellent condition and the fish tastes amazing even if we freeze it. Great that we can ensure that we don't receive any shellfish as Bob is allergic to crab. 

We love getting our box and opening it to see what treasures from local waters lie inside, it's really exciting! We then work out what we will eat straight away and freeze the rest. The website has some excellent recipes and we have used many of them with great results.

We are delighted to support a local business which has an excellent product and the customer care is also exceptional.’

Classic Box

Emma Lowe

‘Fishbox really works for my daughter and I. I work late with my business and my daughter found that the salmon, trout and sea bass were the easier fish for her to cook.

Reassuring to know that she is confident to grill or bake a fresh piece of Salmon plus eating excellent quality food. It just works; good quality fish delivered straight to your door and for us, just the right amount. We are fish lovers! and lovers of fishbox!'

Premium Box

Sarah & Greg Riddle

‘Fishbox fits ideally into our busy lives. The wee guys have known fish all their days, I think it’s really important that they know where their food comes from. Fishbox is great for this and it gives you variety. With Fishbox you can make a fishcake or put breadcrumbs on fillets together, the kids get to see how their food is prepared and help in the kitchen. 

Before Fishbox I’d never eaten rock turbot before and it was just fantastic- everybody in the house loved it, the kids even a bit too much as they were trying to eat some off of my plate!’


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