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Don't Cry Over 'Spoiled' Scallops

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 : 3:30 PM

By now you should know how to shuck a scallop, but we thought we'd give you the nitty gritty ins and outs of our quality West Coast gems.

Hand dived by the two Andys (one of them pictured above!), these succulent scallops are plucked off the Isle of Raasay. As they are still live when you receive them, they'll still have salt water in their shell, which means you'll be able to smell the aroma of the Scottish sea they came from! This does not mean they are spoiled - but in fact that they couldn't be fresher!

We recommend shucking them and giving the meat a gentle rinse with cold water. When fresh scallops are lightly washed, the smell will disappear.



If you would like to freeze them, you must shuck them and trim them first before placing them in a normal freezer bag. You can freeze them up to five days after they're arrived on your door step.

Did you know?

  • Unlike mussels, scallops can be eaten when they are not alive in the shell. They will then stay fresh for around five days after leaving the water.
  • Scallops are commonly sold as scallop meat (i.e. not in the shell), and are perfectly fine to eat when they are dead or out of the shell.
  • To tell if they're still alive, they will naturally open and close when out of water. You should be able to see this.


Impress your friends by serving them in the shell. Cooked really simply to bring out the flavour of the meat. We recommend this recipe here

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