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Fishbox Factory Closed for Christmas

Monday, December 12, 2016 : 4:03 PM

As the Christmas season has begun, you might have heard that our factory will be closed from 23 December-10 January, which means no Fishboxes will be delivered during this time. Our Coast & Glen factory will remain open.

While some fishermen take a few days off to be with their families this time of year, the main reason for the holiday is due to the fact that the fish markets close for Christmas and New Year.

Please note that last deliveries before Christmas will be on Friday 22 December and services will resume on Tuesday 10 January. 

Your account will automatically reflect this, so if you think you might be due a Fishbox during the holiday season, don't worry as we've taken care of that for you.

If you'd like to make an order before 22 December, or if you'd like to check when your next Fishbox is due, you can either log into your account, send us an email to or give us a call on 01463 567 700, and we'll be happy to 'kelp!'

Please note that this information is only for our Fishbox customers. Our Coast & Glen operation will resume as normal.

Can't get enough Fishbox? Fret not as our office will still be open should you need us!


 Looking for some festive add-ons for your last Fishbox of the year? Have a browse at our #FishboxExtras.

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