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Shuck Yeah! New Cape Wrath Oysters

Friday, October 13, 2017 : 4:03 PM

New Cape Wrath Oysters Shuck Yeah!

We have a wonderful new supplier of Pacific Rock Oysters at Fishbox. Patrick and Lucy Blow are long-time friends of Magnus when he found out that they were going to start a new Oyster farm he was very excited. Grown on the very North-West point of Scotland, in the beautiful, picturesque coast at Kyle of Durness in Sutherland, these are some of the freshest tastiest rock Oysters you will ever taste. There is a very good reason Patrick and Lucy decided to start growing the Cape Wrath Oysters there, the Oysters have nothing but the freshest seawater and food supply all the way to North America.

They grow Pacific Rock Oysters and only harvest them when they are a perfect size. The name Cape Wrath Oysters comes from the location due to the position of their farm. This was no accident the location was carefully chosen to ensure the ultimate environment for the Oysters to feed until they are plump and ready for you to eat. The Oysters are harvested and sent to us within 24 hours so are the freshest they can be.

Magnus was lucky enough to get some of the first samples from Patrick and they are so wonderful he could not resist making his favourite Bloody Mary Oysters (Recipe)

There are several different species of Oyster each of which has their own unique look and taste these are Pacific Oysters and have a Melon/Cucumber taste to them. In the 1930’s their Cousin, the Olympia Oyster was nearly wiped out and these Atlantic Oysters were imported and are now the most common Oyster worldwide.

We got our first delivery of these wonderfully tasty Cape Wrath Oysters and they are shucking amazing, some of the best we have ever tasted at Fishbox. We know you will really enjoy these Cape Wrath Oysters and we can’t recommend them enough.

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