Halibut Tartare

Halibut Tartare
Fishboxer Exclusive recipe from Oil & Vinegar

A tartare of finely chopped raw and smoked halibut. Halibut gives this dish a soft texture and delicate flavour.


200g of raw halibut (or cod)

50g smoked halibut

¼ courgette

1 tbsp. Lemon Olive Oil 

6 cloves black garlic

8 Olive Miste Condite alla Toscana (mixed pitted olives in Tuscan marinade)

juice of 1 lime

a few coriander leaves

pepper and Fleur de Sel Citron Vert (finishing salt with lime zest)


Cut the raw halibut, smoked halibut and courgette into very small pieces.

Mix and season with lime juice, lemon olive oil, pepper and Fleur de Sel Citron Vert.

At the last minute, add chopped black garlic (the garlic will colour the white fish) and the Olive Miste Condite alla Toscana and serve immediately in a beautiful glass.