Salmon and Avocado Maki Rolls

Salmon and Avocado Maki Rolls
Fishboxer Chris Ugarte from Cardiff

"You can buy sushi rice seasoning but it's also really easy to make your own!"


1 salmon portion (Fishbox salmon is sushi grade!)

1 sheet of sushi nori

⅔ of a cup of cooked sushi rice

3-4 slices of avocado

Sushi rice seasoning:

1 tspn sugar

1 tspn white vinegar

1 tspn mirin

1 tspn water

Just mix it up and combine with the cooked rice.



For the rice

To make the rice it has to be a short grain rice. I’ve only ever used sushi rice but you can use Arborio rice too. It’s really important to wash the rice in cold water first to rid it of the starch. The water will go cloudy when you wash it but after a few rinses it will run clear and be good to use. For 1 cup of dry rice, use 2 cups of water. Bring to boil, cover and turn down the heat until all water is absorbed. Mix with seasoning and let cool. Have damp hands when handling.

For the sushi

1. I used a bamboo sushi rolling mat and a sheet of sushi nori, rough side up. Spread some rice across the nori and leave enough clear space on the nori to make a seal when rolled.

2. Lay a 1cm strip of fresh salmon and avocado slices across the middle of the rice. Slightly moisten the patch of nori that was left free of rice with water. This will help seal it when it is rolled.

3. Mix using the bamboo mat, roll over and firmly press to ensure a seal. I usually make mine a square shape because it’s easier to control than a circle.

4. Leave to firm up, and then use a wet knife to cut in half then half again. Enjoy!