Salmon Thai Red Curry

Salmon Thai Red Curry
Fishboxer Gillian Fleming from Penicuik


salmon fillets


8 dried red chilies

2 shallots

5 garlic cloves

an inch of ginger

a bashed stalk of lemongrass

coriander stalks

zest of 3 limes

1/2 tsp of cumin

1/2 tsp ground coriander

2 tsp of paprika

2 anchovies


tin of coconut milk

tin of chopped tomatoes

2 tablespoons of tamarind paste

a little sugar


water chestnuts

chopped pineapple

red peppers

spring onions

salt pepper to taste








To make the paste, in the food processor blitz together, 8 dried red chilies, 2 shallots, 5 garlic cloves, an inch of ginger, a bashed stalk of lemongrass, coriander stalks, zest of 3 limes, 1/2 tsp of cumin and of ground coriander, 2 tsp of paprika and 2 anchovies. 

Heat 5 tablespoons of the paste then add a tin each of coconut milk and chopped tomatoes. Add 2 tablespoons of tamarind paste and a little sugar. Add the salmon for around 7 minutes with the heat off
Just before serving add some water chestnuts, chopped pineapple, red peppers and spring onions. Season to taste.

To serve put rice in dishes top with some spinach. Add the salmon and a couple of spoons of sauce.

Top with some chopped coriander and a squeeze of lime