Sloe Gin Cured Salmon

Sloe Gin Cured Salmon
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2 salmon fillets sliced

1 tbsp of demerara sugar

2 tbsp of salt

1 tsp of fish sauce

1 juniper berry finely ground

2 tbsp of sloe gin


Soft cheese

Lemon Juice




























1. Mix the dry and the wet ingredients together and rub all over the salmon. Leave in the fridge covered with a towel for about 4-5 hours or until the salmon has firmed up a bit.


2. Wash off the salt mix and dry the salmon with some kitchen paper or a towel. Slice as thin as you can and rub with a couple of teaspoons of sloe gin and olive oil.


3. Serve with some Philadelphia mixed with some lemon juice, chopped parsley and a little bit more ground juniper (careful it’s quite pungent) and some oatcakes & sliced cucumber.


Perfect to serve as a starter.