Calamari with Lemongrass & Coriander Mayo - Fishbox

Calamari with Lemongrass & Coriander Mayo - Fishbox
Fishboxer Jamie from Fishbox HQ


400g squid


4 tbsp cornflour

4 tbsp plain flour

1 tsp salt

Sunflower, vegetable or groundnut oil, to cook

Salt flakes, to serve

Lime/lemon wedges to serve (optional)

4 large tablespoons of mayonaise

small bunch chopped coriander

2cm of finely chopped lemongrasses or garlic mayonnaise.


Cut the bodies into thick rings, about 1cm in diameter, and large triangles. Score the triangles with a criss-cross pattern. Put the pieces and tentacles into a bowl and cover with milk, then cover the bowl and refrigerate for up to 8 hours (even half an hour is better than nothing).

Mix the mayonaise ingredients together - season to taste, cover and refrigerate.

When you're ready to cook, mix together the flours and salt in a shallow container. Fill a large, heavy based pan a third full with oil and heat over a medium-high flame until a pinch of flour sizzles when it hits the oil.

Drain the squid well, and pat dry, then drag through the flour and shake off the excess. Fry in batches for about a minute, until crisp, and slightly golden. Place on kitchen paper, sprinkle with salt, and then serve each batch as soon as they're ready.

Serve with the lime or lemon wedges, some chopped coriander - and a good dollop of the mayo!