Langoustines (Net Caught) Information

Langoustines (Net Caught) Information
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This is a raw product and requires cooking before consuming.




The langoustines will keep fine in the fridge for  2-3 days but we do recommend eating them within the first 2 days or putting them straight into the freezer when you receive them. Always cook them from frozen when you decide to eat them.  They will take a little longer but the tail should start to soften when done.




These langoustines require cooking! They need to be roasted or boiled before pulling the tail meat from their shells. In the larger langoustines there is some meat in the claws as well.

Place whole langoustines in cold, well-salted water and bring to the boil.

Remove the langoustines from the pan and let them cool naturally as rinsing in cold water will wash all of their lovely flavour away.




Once cooked, they are delicious served with a squeeze of lemon and a mayonnaise, garlic butter or aioli, but can also be added to curry, pasta or paella.


Pre-boiled langoustines can be reheated gently; don't re-cook them or they'll toughen.


Alternatively, eat pre-boiled langoustines cold in a salad with a vinegar
dressing. Deep-fry them in batter or peel and poach them and make traditional Scampi Provençal.




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