Fish Tacos with crispy Skin - Fishbox

Fish Tacos with crispy Skin - Fishbox
Fishboxer Peter Tomlinson from London


Fishbox- Any white fish (Seabass fillets 1 fillet= 3 tacos)


Pickled Cabbage:

1/4 Red Cabbage Shredded

1/4 White Cabbage Shredded

Cider Vinegar



Chipotle Sauce:

1 can pickled Mexican chipotle

1 tub sour cream



2 fresh tomatoes

1 Red onion

1 lime

1 bunch coriander

1/3 cucumber


Tacos: 1 packet small SOFT tacos


Pickled Cabbage:

In a bowl mix cabbages, add 75ml cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of sugar cover with water and leave for a few hours to pickle. You can over make and put in sealed box in fridge to use throughout the week.


Chipotle Sauce:

Roughly chop 1/2 tin of chipotle and add to bowl with sour cream. Mix and cover with clingfilm - put in fridge



Coarsely chop tomatoes, fine chop red onion and coriander (keep some to the side for decoration) put in bowl and add salt & juice of whole lime. Mix and cover in fridge.



You need a griddle pan and a frying pan. In the frying pan and griddle add 1 table spoon of groundnut oil (not Olive its too strong a taste). Make hot.

Heat as many tacos as you need in the griddle one at a time so you get nice charred lines on each side. Put to side.

In the fry pan place the Fishbox SeaBass skin side down. Cover for 1 minute.

Carefully turn seabass over then remove skin and fry separately, no cover, for another minute. Turn heat off.

In three small side dishes put a little bit of the salsa, coriander and sour cream chipotle for the table.

On each taco - smear with chipotle sour creme, put a spoon full of pickles in the centre, add spoonful of salsa, 1/3 Fishbox SeaBass and a piece of the crispy skin.

Fold in half and stack together.

Serve as many as you like on a nice display board, sprinkle with chopped coriander and use lime wedges as garnish.