Sean Kelly's Hake and Spoots (Razor Clams) with a Chorizo and Pea puree

Sean Kelly's Hake and Spoots (Razor Clams) with a Chorizo and Pea puree
Fishboxer Head Chef Sean Kelly from from The Lovat Brasserie in Fort Augustus


4 x Hake

200g Frozen Peas

10g Fresh Mint

100g Fresh Peas

4 Slices of spicy chorizo

40g Diced spicy chorizo

4 Spoots (razor clams)

100g Whipping cream

1 Lemon

8 Pea shoots

50g Olive oil

50g Butter

Isle of Skye sea salt (or alternative sea salt)


Bring 200g of water to the boil with the fresh mint then pour over the frozen peas, blitz to a puree. Season to taste and keep


Heat a pan large enough to take the spoots until very hot, throw in the spoots with a splash of white wine (or water if you don’t want alcohol) Place a lid on the top and cook for approximately 1 minute or until they open (DO NOT OVERCOOK)

Remove the spoots from the shells and cut into slices. Keep the juices and shells.

Cook the fresh peas in boiling salted water with a sprig of mint then drain.

Make the sauce by boiling the juices from the spoots with the cream until slightly thickened, add the chorizo and cook for a further minute, the add the peas and spoots until just warm remove from stove and keep warm whilst cooking the hake.

Heat a non-stick pan add the oil and butter, when foaming add the fish and cook for 4 minutes on the skin side, during this time baste the fish with pan juices. When the fish is almost cooked turn over and finish with some lemon and Isle of Skye sea salt and keep warm.

Grill the slices of chorizo until crispy.

To Serve

Spread some pea puree on a plate, just above the puree place a spoot shell and fill with the spoots, peas and chorizo. Place

the fish on top of the puree and finish with some pea shoots and the grilled chorizo as in the picture. Serve with some buttered Jersey Royals on the side