Sea Bream with Polenta Chips & Basil and Pea Puree

Sea Bream with Polenta Chips & Basil and Pea Puree
Fishboxer Becky from The Stacks Café and Bistro


1 Sea Bream Fillet

50g of Frozen Peas

Fresh Basil Leaves

50ml of Veggie Stock

5 Cherry Vine Tomatoes

50g Dry Polenta

200ml Boiling Water


50g Fresh Dill



1. Pin-bone and trim fillet, score gently three times on the skin


2. Defrost the peas and blitz with the basil in a food processor with 50ml of cold vegetable stock. Season to taste


3. Add 50g of polenta to boiling stock and whisk until bubbling. Spread evenly in a tray and leave to cool.


4. Cut the chips with a hot knife and dust some more polenta to coat.


5. Put the polenta chips in a shallow pan with oil 1/2 the way up the sides of the chips.

6. Heat up the pea and basil puree and pop the tomatoes in a roasting dish in the oven.


7. Heat the frying pan up and add sunflower oil to coat the pan and place the fillet skin side down and cook until the skin is crispy.


8. Finish in the oven for 2-3 minutes at 180 degrees. Then serve!